About Online Courses


Why Online?

  • Short & Easy coursework
  • Work at your own pace online
  • Meets Florida's 14 hours Continuing Education Requirement
  • Educational and Fun class format
  • Enjoy Carmen's Velvety Voice




Short & Easy:  Our online courses offer short, easy-to-read sections (courses are broken up into 3-5 minutes sections) and the online format allows you to start and stop at your own pace. This year, we've redesigned and improved our web site and web courses to enhance your online experience. Our latest improvements include easier flowing sections, new an improved audio and new graphics.  And upon completion of your online continuing education course, you are given the ability to print your own certificate confirming that you've completed your 14 hours of continuing education, as requried by the State of Florida.

Educational & Fun:  The courses were designed by a truly dynamic and humorous teacher--Carmen Ciricillo, the Construction Comic!  So you'll fulfill your requirements for 14 hours of continuing education while you are entertained by an instructive and hilariously funny teacher!

Carmen's Velvety Voice: Not only can you read the text but you can also listen to Carmen read the text to you! Carmen’s voice has been described as if an angel’s feather fell from the heavens above and was discovered by a peasant who turned it into a calligraphy pen that was then used by Shakespeare to write a poem. (Well, that might be a slight exaggeration--but click the link below for a sample of Carmen's Velvety Voice!)

A Sample of Carmen's Velvety Voice

Imagine being able to take your CE whenever and wherever you choose while listening to the velvet-covered vocal chords of Carmen Ciricillo. You’ll hear in courses like Construction Safety B the passion in Carmen’s voice as he talks directly to you about pursuing injury free workplaces. You’ll understand from reading Carmen’s words on how to get workers to pay attention during a safety talk that he has put a lot of thought in his coursework.  Complete your 14 hours of continuing education (CE) at your own pace...and enjoy doing it!

Don't like the online format?  We also offer Live Seminars throughout Florida!