About Us

Our Continuing Education Courses.

We have been offering both live seminar and online courses that fulfill Florida's requirements for 14-Hour Continuing Education for the construction industry for many years. All of our courses (both live and online) focus on being informative and entertaining at the same time. And all courses completely fulfill Florida's requirements for yearly CE coursework completion. At the end of each seminar, you are provided with your certificate of completion and Contractor's Educational Services submits a report to the state of Florida confirming that you have fulfilled your educational requirements.

You choose the format that works best for you:

Online Courses: Our Online Courses offer single-topic instruction or a bundle of courses fulfilling 14-hour CE requirements, designed in short sections that allow you to start and stop at your own pace. Finish and print your completion certificate online.    more>>

Live Seminars: With Live Seminars you fullfill the 14-hour CE requirements completely in either a one or two-day session, while enjoying the cameraderie of a live classroom setting with fellow construction students and a truly dynamic and humorous teacher--Carmen Ciricillo, the Construction Comic!    more>>


Why Choose Us:
When Carmen teaches any topic, it’s with the Florida Licensed Contractor’s point of view in mind. His online courses not only speak with his voice but also speak to and address the concerns of the contractor. Not only does he teach safety, he teaches you how to teach safety.

When it comes to workers comp, Carmen helps you to understand why it is needed along with how to pay a fair premium. Since the laws and rules that contractors face are extensive and complex, Carmen brings in the construction law firm of Niesen, Price, Worthy and Campo to teach his live seminars and to write the online courses.

I think you will enjoy taking your CE online with us. I have personally gone over every word of all the lessons to make them much more interesting than typical dry courses. Not only will you learn, you will not be bored!

Providers for: CILB/ECLB/HILU #0002623, Miami Dade #D090, FBPE #0005379, Florida Bldg. Code #TRP4507