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Testimonial Letter - Westfield Group (PDF)

Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Carmen and the team!! I greatly appreciate all your help in getting me into the class I needed!! As always, a very informative and entertaining day!!

Hello Carmen
Thanks for a great class yesterday in Fort Lauderdale. Holding our attention for 14 hours is not an easy thing to do but you accomplished the task.

I have been Licensed since 1999. I just want to thank you for the best CE class I have ever taken.
I just wanted to drop Carmen a note to say thanks for your skill intertwining humor with a 14 hour session to make it livable.
Dear Carmen,
Just want to thank you for another great CE class on 7/17/12 at the Hilton in Boca Raton. Leading up to the day of the class I was a bit anxious because of the length of time (14 hrs.) but, afterwards it was really no big deal. I totally enjoyed it. Plus it frees up the next day. Also, John Campo, the attorney, was excellent. He was very informative and seemed to know his stuff very well.
I've sat through several 14 hour seminars and its always been a long tiring day. Thanks to your comedy and one day seminar, I'm hooked on your class. You've taken an unpleasant experience and made it totally enjoyable. Your untiring comedy kept me laughing and energized that I could have gone even later. I may even injoy your 2 day class in the future.
I wanted to tell you that I have been attending these courses since their inception. Never before has anyone held my interest for more than 5 minutes let alone 2 days. I never attended a course where the curriculum was to "teach" rather than "sell" their wares. I used to walk out of class wondering who checks the compliance of these inadequate providers. Seems like NOBODY!! I am no longer active in construction but, would be foolish not to keep my license current. If I appeared to be dis-interested, it was in the subject matter not you! Your subtle and not so subtle comments about life, family, values and priorities were so thought provoking. I fear a lot of your message about what's really important fell on deaf ears. Maybe not. Thanks for an interesting two days and finally, money well spent.
Wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your class once again and appreciate the professional, but humorous manner in which you presented the materials that are required. I will highly recommend you to my peers as I have done in the past. Again, I enjoyed this weekend and thanks.
Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I actually enjoyed the CE classes the last couple of days. What a great way to learn – laugh a little at the same time. Every 2 years I despise the thought of wasting 2 days but you have changed my opinion. Thanks and see you in a couple years!!
Thanks so much for another excellent course. You actually make it reasonable to sit through two days of "education". Please keep holding courses in Gainesville every two years.
Just wanted to say thank you, Carmen was on his game as usual. Had as much fun as one could hope for during the C.E. Classes, if was a good laugh and educational as well.
Thank you for working with me on this Kelly. You and Carmen are 1st class all the way. He is a good teacher and is a head above the others, even if he is a 5’ 6 and ¾” Italian boy from Cleveland. Thank you again.
Your presentation was very informative. Thank You! I could not see myself going anywhere else for CE. There is a passion that you have with certain issues, that I can appreciate, that projects itself when you speak.